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Digital Strategies

Any digital initiative starts with a plan. Who is your target audience? How will you measure success? How about content? Do you have the right resources? What's the ROI? These and many more should be answered before you start buying technology. Failing to plan is planning to fail. We will collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive roadmap focused on measurable goals.

Information Management

Digital means data. It's imperative that you adopt a mindset to proactively manage core business objects (Products, Customers, Suppliers, etc.) as strategic assets in support of your stated business objectives. This means Product Information Management (PIM) or Master Data Management (MDM). Let impaqX help you with Information Management from concept through technology selection and implementation.


You are in business to make money. Most digital initiatives involve eCommerce in one form or another. impaqX can help you bring strategy and technology together to empower your employees, engage your customers, optimize your operations and transform your company. We work right alongside you, throughout your initiative to ensure you get the results you expected, obtain internal and external adoption, and drive change that delivers sustainable results for your business.

About Us


At impaqX we measure our success very simply, through your success. We expect to be measured by the results our customers achieve and are committed to ensuring your objectives are met. Period.


We have been on all sides of the table, as software developers, implementors, planners and users. We have the experience to support any part of your digital initiative.


We deliver impacts, plain and simple. Our goal is not to burn billable hours, rather our goal is to sit on your side of the table, to be your advocate and advisor throughout your initiative to ensure you succeed.

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