Product Information Management

Winning on the Digital Shelf

There are direct parallels between the physical world and the digital world.  When you walk into Home Depot you see products organized by aisle on shelves.  When you visit you see the same thing, it’s called their taxonomy.  When you want to examine a product in the store you pick it up, read the label, maybe compare it to a similar product.  Online you go to the product detail page.

In the store you go to a cashier to buy the item and online it’s the shopping cart and checkout functions.  Digital is data.  Subpar product data can quickly tank any digital initiative.  For a site this means providing the full scope of content your shoppers need to make a purchase decision, for brands this means getting that content to an ever increasing number of online channels, for both this means a need for Product Information Management (PIM) .  At impaqX we are well versed in all aspects of product information management from data modeling through implementation.  We will work with you to turn your data into a strategic asset

Services Offered

PIM Readiness

Product Information Management (PIM) is not a product, nor a technology, it is a proactive decision to take control of your product data and manage it as a strategic asset.  Approaching PIM from that perspective ensures a holistic view of where you are today, where you want to be, and the opportunities for improvement in your business.  Impaqx will work with you on all aspects of your PIM preparation.

Technology Selection

The PIM landscape can be very intimidating.  There are myriad solutions available, each sounding very much like the other.  Based on the work done during the readiness phase, Impax can help recommend the appropriate solution for your needs.


These projects can be difficult.  It’s where all your PIM concepts like Data Modeling, Data Governance, Taxonomies, and Syndication come together with your existing data and one or more technologies to meet your business objectives.  We take an agile approach to laying out the project ensuring risks are identified and mitigated early on, and that you see steady deliverables throughout the project.

Experience Snapshots

Digital is Data.  Let us help you develop and deploy an approach to Product Information Management that treats your data as the strategic asset it is.