E Commerce

While interacting with businesses online has become second nature to most of us, Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce is rapidly becoming the silent giant in the digital world.  Forrester Research estimates B2B sales will top $1 trillion by 2020, far exceeding B2C sales, and representing 13.1% of total B2B sales in the US.  Yet this opportunity continues to elude many companies, particularly those in established so-called unsexy markets like industrial products manufacturing and distribution. 

We find this is largely due to information overload coming from industry pundits and software salesman.  This is where impaqX can help.  We’ll bring our experience to your side of the table, we’ll be your advocate, we’ll bring years of best practices and we’ll ensure your eCommerce choices align with your business objectives.

The impaqX Project Approach

Establish a Starting Point –

Whether starting anew, or looking to improve, it is important to have an unbiased understanding of where you are today.  We’ll conduct an in-depth review of your current state focusing on gaps between where you are, and where you expected to be.

Building your Business Case -

Here we’ll help review and assess current performance, define measurable objectives for moving forward, and develop an ROI model.

Prepare for Success –

Here we will conduct key concepts workshops, firm up requirements, define resourcing needs, and assist with smart technology choices and application.

Focused Execution –

This is where the rubber hits the road.  Here we like to see ourselves as outsourced members of your team.  We can provide as much or little assistance as you need.

Your customers are buying online on their time, with increasing regularity.  Let us develop an eCommerce approach that helps your business capitalize on the opportunity.