Digital Strategies

Digital Transformation can have a profound effect in your company.  And with as much as 13% of total B2B spend anticipated to be shifted online over the next several years, it’s something you cannot wait any longer to embark upon.  However, digital transformation is not simply standing up a site and hoping your customers will use it.

Digital transformation is comprehensive, it involves the harmonization of your organization, business processes, and digital technologies to empower your employees and meet the expectations of your customers.  And for that you need a plan, a roadmap, a strategy.  impaqX works with companies of all sizes, in many different stages of digital maturity to develop digital strategies that will have an impact on their business.  Following the process outlined below, we work with your team to arrive at a roadmap unique to your business situation.

Strategy Development with impaqX

Organizational Alignment –

This involves establishing and aligning the organization with the goals and objectives of the digital initiative.  Along the way we seek to answer critical questions such as, what is to be accomplished?  how will you define success? and, where are you today?

Point of Departure –

Where are you today in terms of digital maturity?  How have initiatives to date performed?  Do you have the technology?  Do you have the right mix of skills?  We assess these and many other dimensions to arrive a clear understanding where you will be starting from on the path to digital transformation.

Customer Impressions –

You are doing digital to empower your organization, and delight your customers.  What are your customers current digital needs?  How could you serve them better?  How do others serve them better?  These questions and many others asked during direct interviews with your customers provide valuable insights into shaping a strategy that will have the desired effect.

Competitive Analysis –

Where are your competitors with respect to digital maturity?  What threats do they present?  What opportunities do they expose?  Understanding the competitive landscape helps to hone the offensive and defensive tactics to consider in your digital strategy.

Project Return –

Every business has the money guy, the person who wants to know what the potential return will be.  This is a very important part of any strategy.  Digital transformation is a journey, and you will be making investments along that journey.  Ensuring a clear understanding of potential return, and the factors that effect that return are critical.

Failing to plan, is planning to fail.  Let us help you develop a comprehensive digital strategy that empowers your organization and delights your customers.